10 Best Free Online Portfolio Creator Sites 2019

Benefits of Creating an Online Portfolio

Before knowing the best Free Online Portfolio Creator we want to some basic things about the portfolio. The portfolio is very important for all creative person. The world has related to refer to the collection of a person’s work that is the best showcase their talent. An online portfolio is a great way to showcase your work and creativity. Any person can see your creativity from any fast of the word. Whether you are a graphic designer virtual artist,  article writer, a photographer, UX or UI Designer, or involved in another creative field, an online portfolio is very important for you.

Actually, job interviews involved with face to face meeting where job finder show a physical portfolio of their finest work to prospective employers. Nowadays it becomes easier.  We can present our creativity or experience in a single page. So, it is very very helpful for job finder and also creative person finder.

A dynamic business card and portfolio are similar. You can show off your abilities, talent, and experience to prospective collaborators. Physical or digital copies for your work can’t available for everyone but a portfolio website can show your talent for 24 hours and also for everyone.

Everyone can check out your activity and creative work from any part of the world. It is also very useful to show your all project or work. Sometimes it is not possible with a hard or physical copy.

Easier Way To Demonstrate Your Skills

An online portfolio can be a massive asset whether you want to attract recruiters, demonstrate your proficiency and simply want to showcase your achievement. If you are an artist, creative person, designers, freelancer and you are not actively looking for new work can benefit by having a portfolio online. A portfolio makes your accomplishments publicly accessible and thus raise your visibility to future clients or employers for having it available 24 hours a day on the internet.

Accordingly even world-famous freelancer or designer have online portfolios. It allows others to get inspiration and learn from their work as well as drive traffic to their own websites and social media account even more e-commerce sites.

On the other hand, you can say it a billboard where you can advertise your skill, work, achievements, capabilities and more. An online portfolio is very important for every active designer, artist, singer, freelancer.

the benefit of having a portfolio website

Best WordPress Portfolio Themes

Best WordPress themes for artists

What is the difference between a portfolio and a resume?

Portfolio absolutely more effective way to demonstrate your skills than a CV or resume. A resume is some copy of the paper that is used to display your skill, talent, and experiences in a compact version. Usually, it is described in one or two-page long. A resume mostly used in industry where the people are more interested in your job experiences. A resume can’t describe detail about skill or work. It is like an impression card which we use for the first time impression.

On the other hand, in the portfolio, you can make a huge collection of your work or completed project which gives a real aspect to your work experience. It is more helpful in those situations where a resume does not give a proper idea about your work. A portfolio can consist of images, vectors, and other pictures that make it much more understanding to the viewers and help them to access your work in action.

You can make a powerful and fulfilling gallery of work under different categories. So, at last, we can say portfolio is more powerful than a resume for getting a new work or a new job.

Who Would Require an Online Portfolio?

Traditionally designers, photographers, film/video maker, video editor, freelancers, and other creative person have used portfolios. Every creative should have some kind of online portfolio to show their skill. Because a portfolio serves as a visual story that tells their professional journey over time. Now you can say, do I need a portfolio? The short answer is .. Yes!

There is a big mistake in many people that you only need an online portfolio when you enter the job field and looking for work. It is not true for all times.  An online portfolio is very essential for storing progressing documents over time beginning with your first forays into the field. And continuing right up to the present day. So, everybody can see your improvement that is very important for getting a new job or project.

How to Design an Online Portfolio

Before starting a portfolio you should know something about how to design an online portfolio website. Suppose you need an online portfolio website, but how do you go about designing one? Is there any kind of rules or formats? How can I build? which element should I include in a portfolio website?

We usually get used to using CV and it is containing the older version but a portfolio are rather a new tool. Before starting it you can check some portfolio website those will help you to get some ideas.

You can use some Free Online Portfolio Creator for creating awesome portfolio to show your work.

  • Decide, why you want to make it?   

Basically, we will create a portfolio for showing our work and also want to get a new job or work. keep in mind, is it to get hired in your field or hired by a specific organize? Is it attract freelance clients? Do you want to build your brand? Before starting to decide why you will make a portfolio? Make sure you understand the purpose of your online portfolio.

  • Select the items.

I hope you have decided why you want to make it. So, now select the items that you want to show on your new online portfolio. Not necessary to store a huge collection of sample work, try to show the best project that was done by you.  It is also desirable to show the depth and versatility of your abilities. Try to display different types of projects or creations that exhibit the full range of your skills. Always try to make a simple template because simple is the best. Finally, make sure that you choose the right place for hosting your online portfolio.

Which Elements Needed in an Online Portfolio

Create your own brand

Branding is the most important part of every sector. If you want to make your personal branding you should add essential elements in your online portfolio. You can create your own logo. For creating personal branding you can also incorporate your initials or name into the logo. This logo can be used for avatars on social media and also on your business card.  

Try to start with Tagline

The tagline is most important for introducing you with a few words. A tagline is a short snappy sentence for an online portfolio that best sums up who you are, what you have done before and what you can do.

Tell the story about every project

Don’t be afraid to say about your story in your portfolio. You can say the story of your career journey and evolution as a creative person. In your story, you can say how you tackled a difficult situation, how much difficult was your personal journey and how you became succeeded. Don’t forget to include your personal experience because it is more powerful for your portfolio.

Don’t hesitate to write something

Many visual designers do a mistake that simply includes images in the portfolio but they can a little description of the portfolio. Sometimes clients or employers respond to the person behind the work, not just the work itself. So, you can write about what you went through when you were designing each item in your portfolio. You can write some basic answer such as where did that job start? What secret did you gain during the project process? How did you find these? What were the challenges? You can write more like it.

Always focus on recent projects

It will be best if you show only that you have done the last three years. If you spend a long time in your career, and you feel that some older project are very valuable that you can showcase them.  Everythings are changing every day. Our portfolio will change day by day.we will not show any old project or work in our portfolio. Make sure that your online portfolio has focused on what you have done lately. Your online or online clients always like to see what you have been doing.

Show your results

It will be better if you can show the result of your design or project in the real world. It will be more trustful if can do this. Your clients and employers will be more appreciative when you will show the result that you have created on your computer a few days ago. If you designed a website, can you show a video of the finished website is being used?  If you create a billboard design, can you show how it was used in a printed catalog? If you can do this the probability will increase more effectively.

Add your bio!

Basically, we include only professional skill and work and every professional creative person like to do this. But sometimes clients and employers like to see your personal activities behind the talent. So, you can add the “About me” section on your online portfolio.  In the “about me” section you should write about your work experience, education, skill and most importantly kind of person you are and how you work with another person. Includes what do like or what is your passion or dream. If you can write properly then I hope your winning strategy will increase effectively.

Also includes your resume/CV

You may have sent your CV to anywhere for getting a job but you simply never know who might be visiting your CV or portfolio. Perhaps it’s anyone who hasn’t seen your CV or he is not sensible of your experience. Try to make an easy downloadable with a single click and be sure to create a professional resume.

Don’t forget to add your contact information in your CV/resume. Suppose, you have designed an online portfolio from an amazing designer but then you discovered that there is no contact information. So, how will it be possible to contact you? That’s a very frustrating feeling.

When lots of people are visiting your online portfolio and you are feeling success, make sure you add an easy way to communicate with you. You can so many things to your contact form like your phone no., add links to your social media profiles, books you have written, websites that you manage, videos you have created and also an e-commerce website.

Best Free Online Portfolio Platforms reviews

Behance –Free Online Portfolio Creator

Behance free online portfolio creator

Behance is the most popular Free Online Portfolio Creator for a designer. Most of the designer create a free portfolio website from Behance. It is a separate business of Adobe. You can make a fresh and clean portfolio to show your project by Behance. It also has a great and active community site and a wonderful way to get suggestions and feedback.

What is important

  • Including contact info, personal profile, and social media account
  • Advanced file editing tools
  • Design kits
  • Comment and feedback option
  • Ability to add other designers for collaborating

Portfoliobox –Free Online Portfolio Creator

Portfoliobox free online portfolio creator

It is another great and very popular website for creating a wonderful portfolio. A lot of portfolios being hosted to this website. You can do many things on this platform. It a huge collection of so many options. You may not use any special tool or software to make a portfolio.

What is important

  • 30 images/10 projects/10 pages
  • Blog(s)
  • Video hosting
  • A domain name for your portfolio
  • Multilingual support
  • Responsive optimization of images
  • Galleries
  • E-commerce shop

Dribbble –Free Online Portfolio Creator

dribbble online portfolio creator

If you want to create a free portfolio then you can create on Dribbble. Many freelancers already using this platform for making their portfolio. You can see what other people are doing and learn more about the current trends. There is a little different between Dribble and Behance is that Dribbble places restrictions on how much text you can add describing your project and work. For this reason, you can add Behance lin in the Dribbble portfolio so the visitor will see read more option.  

What is important

  • Personal profile
  • Job postings option
  • Included in site searches
  • Blog section
  • The super simple creation process
  • Regular Dribbble meetups to network offline with other designers

Wix –Free Online Portfolio Creator

wix free portfolio website maker

If you don’t have any coding or designing experience you can make a portfolio by Wix. it is very easy to use because it has used a drag-and-drop option. If you don’t have experience about making a portfolio or website then you can make a website by Wix.

What is important

  • Fully optimized for mobile browsers
  • Hosting images, videos, and galleries
  • Scroll effects like parallax or fade-in zooming
  • A large number of built-in portfolios (over 500 at last count)
  • The simple drag-and-drop creation process
  • Over 100 fonts (more uploadable)
  • The app market for growing your business

Adobe Portfolio –Free Online Portfolio Creator

best portfolio design for graphic designer

I think everybody knows the name of Adobe. It is also owned by Behance, so the Adobe portfolio site builder is designed to work with a Behance account. It is another awesome Free Online Portfolio Creator.

What is important

  • Access to the full Typekit font library
  • Unique URL for your portfolio
  • One-click sync with Behance
  • Easy to use design templates
  • Free account with Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Crevado –Free Online Portfolio Creator

crevado  website homepage

Crevado is another popular website for making a portfolio website and you can do it without knowledge of programming, HTML or CSS. This website is more popular for active designers who want to not just showcase their work but sell their activities or work. Because it has an e-commerce function. So, you can set price for every project. More than half a million portfolios have created or hosted on Crevado. It has a 14 days trial version then you should pay for continuing.

What is important

  • Free trial of 14 days
  • Up to 30 images/five galleries
  • Google Analytics information and other useful statistics
  • Hosting of videos, photos, PDFs, e
  • Fully optimized for mobile browsers
  • Secure HTTPS hosting for added privacy protection
  • Integration with Facebook for one-click “likes” and shares
  • A large collection of design templates
  • Ability to sell your work via PayPal or Fotomoto
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface

Coroflot –Free Online Portfolio Creator

 coroflot.com website homepage

Although Coroflat is not too much popular as like Behance or Dribbble. You can use this Free Online Portfolio Creator to create a good portfolio. You can also analysis other work and then you can showcase your work. It is more known for having an active job board. If you are a designer then it is the best place for getting work on the internet. Somebody says it is the most active place on the internet for getting UX/UI design jobs, 3D modeling jobs, motion graphics jobs, illustration jobs, industrial design jobs, photography jobs, and web development jobs.

What is important

  • Profile with personal information, work history, and education
  • Very active job board
  • Easy to find other designers
  • Your profile is instantly available to top recruiters and companies

• Ability to view designer salaries in different countries/cities

Cargo Collective –Free Online Portfolio Creator

Cargo Collective portfolio creator

Cargo Collective

Cargo is a great free Online Portfolio Creator. At last, we are recommending for Cargo Collective or just “Cargo”. It is a very simple platform for making the portfolio and also it very easy to use. The strongest option of this platform is a unique URL. You can create a custom URL by this website. If any designer follows you then you can make an account otherwise it is not possible. So, account creating is not easy for all time.

What  is important

  • Up to 12 projects/three pages
  • A wide range of fonts and typography options
  • Unique URL for your portfolio
  • 40 different portfolio templates
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